Is an aluminium pigment in paste form made from high-purity aluminium as the raw  


To produce it, aluminium powder or foil is fed into the ball mill in which mineral

spirit and stearic acid or oleic acid are added, pulverized and ground to produce fine  

aluminium grains of extremely

thin flake form. Aluminium paste using this pigment possesses the following excellent




 1)  A number of aluminium flake layers

     are  built  up inside the paint varnish,     

     which shut off gas, moisture and rays,     

     and result in the long-lasting protec  

    -tion of  painted, structures.     

     Use of the  Aluminium  paste results    

      in less repainting, as it  exhibits    

     excellent  weather resistant  

     characteristics, when compared with      

     conventional paints. 

 2)  As the painted surface is covered with    

      minute flake layer, it tends to effectively

      reflect thermal waves and light beams

     (total reflectivity rate is 75-80%) 

 3)  In addition, it is economical, exhibits      

      complete sealing, is lightweight, and is   

      not  hazardous in handling.  


  • structure painting
    used widely in painting steel towers, bridges and other structures because of its excellent rust prevention property

  • Ship bottom painting
    with its excellent rust prevention property is used as an undercoating of ship bottom paints.

  • Automotive Painting
    used primarily as a metallic finish for automobiles because of durability and cleanliness of the painted surface

  • Others
    applied in printing ink, coating cloth and paper, and also as an additive to synthetic resin, rubber and others.